Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ginkgo Biloba

Hello hou? ^^

Thats how believe that Ginkgo Biloba can increase your memory.

Ok,lets begin here,what is Alzheimer's disease?
Its a disease that couse you loss of recent memory.Then what is related of this disease with Ginkgo Biloba?Ahaa,here let me tell you guys.Ginkgo Biloba is use to treat Alzhemeir's disease.

Ginkgo Biloba is one type of medicine?
Nop,its not a medicine at all,its just a suppliment.Ginkgo is believed to have nootropic properties, and is mainly used as memory and concentration enhancer.

So,its good for you to take this supplimet to prevent of loss memory,especially at old age.After all,Ginkgo Biloba is not chemical substance.Its product extract from original Ginkgo Biloba.

What its mean? Its mean that the side effect for this suppliment is soo rare.
But,yes its has a side effect such as nausea,vomitting,skin rash and headache.

Usually Ginkgo Biloba is use at early stage of Alzhemeir's disease.
One of the given effects is enhance blood circulation to the brain. (^_~)
However it cannot be taken with Warfarin,Aspirin and herbal medicine such as Ginseng.
take note of this ok.

Hermm..I think thats all for today.See you next time,
Be happy and save. (^_^)b


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